How to Get FLIP NC Merch!

Updated 9.9.18

With 58 days until the election, we’ve launched our big GOTV push to reach voters across the state through canvassing, phone banking, text banking, and letter writing.

Here’s an opportunity to financially support these efforts AND get some FLIP NC merch! We are an all-volunteer organization – all funds go directly to our voter outreach work. 


When you donate $50, we will ship you one piece of merch (a tote bag, a shirt, or a ball cap – you choose). When you donate $100, we will ship you two pieces of merch. And – you guessed it – when you donate $150, we will ship you three pieces of merch! 

Additionally, we have a special promotion for those of you doing voter outreach (canvassing, phone banking, text banking, letter writing, voter registration, etc.) – whether you're volunteering with us or another operation. Get one piece of merch (a tote bag, a shirt, or a ball cap – you choose) when you donate $30. Just forward your receipt (detailed instructions below) and let us know what your volunteer plans are for the fall! 

Here's how it works: 

1. Make your donation at


2. Forward a copy of your receipt to and "place your order" with her. Include a shipping address. Indicate what kind of merch you want. If you want a shirt, specify whether you'd like a FLIP NC shirt, a BE A VOTER shirt, or an Anita Earls shirt (see pics). For grey BE A VOTER shirts and navy blue Anita Earls shirts, indicate whether you want a unisex cut or a women’s cut and in what size. For FLIP NC shirts, indicate unisex cut or women's cut; size; and color (select bright blue or gray in unisex; select navy or gray in women’s). 

3. Expect your merch to arrive in 7 to 12 days!

Thanks, y'all!