What’s Happening with the Maps?

North Carolina’s legislative maps are currently being redrawn at the direction of a state court that ruled in Common Cause v. Lewis that the maps’ extreme partisan gerrymanders are a violation of our state constitution. The maps will be reviewed – and, potentially, redrawn – by a court-appointed special master. Whether or not the special master redraws any of the proposed maps, we can expect improved maps that still give Republicans an edge.

As soon as we have final maps, we’ll post the top NC House and NC Senate districts to flip and defend in 2020.

Meanwhile, you can help FLIP NC in 2020 by signing up to canvass or donating to help us expand our reach!

FIRED UP? READY TO FLIP? Let’s get back out there!

Join us on Sunday, October 20, for our first Alamance canvass and happy hour debrief! Then, join us the following weekend for our NEXT Wake canvass and happy hour debrief on Sunday, October 27.

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We can’t afford to wait until next fall – 2020 starts now!

We’ll need to talk to A LOT of voters if we’re going to flip one chamber of the NCGA, re-elect Governor Cooper, elect a Democrat to replace Thom Tillis in the US Senate, and flip NC blue in the presidential election. These are lofty goals, and the only way to achieve them is to START NOW.

This is the time to be talking with voters about the issues that matter to them and the importance of the down-ballot legislative races that are critical to North Carolina’s future – before the top-of-the-ticket campaigns become the main focus.

We started canvassing for 2018 in the summer of 2017 – before we had candidates or even final maps. 9 out of 10 voters we canvassed voted in 2018, and those we canvassed earlier – focusing only on the issues folks cared about – were even more likely to vote than those we spoke with closer to the election.

New to canvassing? Don’t worry – we’ll provide all the information and training you need. Bring a friend, or we can pair you with an experienced canvasser. See you then!


FLIP NC is a grassroots group working through direct voter outreach for a more progressive North Carolina.


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In 2018, we picked up 10 seats in the NC House and 6 seats in the NC Senate. A number of candidates significantly overperformed expectations, giving us a clear path to breaking the majority in 2020.

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