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Updated 12.1.17

Interactive NC House District Map

Click through to our interactive district map to find your NC House representative, connect with other groups in your area, and begin building your coalition.

The interactive district map has two layers that can be turned on and off by checking the boxes at the top of the legend.

When only the NC House District box is checked, clicking on a district will show the district number, the representative's name, and the representative's party.

When the NC County box is checked (or both boxes are checked), clicking on a county will show the county name and any groups we have identified that are working in that county.

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Interactive Precinct Map

This map is designed to help groups identify the best targets for their time and resources. Zoom in to a precinct to view the underlying street map and find a neighborhood to canvass, and contact us if you need additional information or support to get started.

Each precinct received a 0 - 3 score indicating the number of flippable districts—NC House, NC Senate, and US House—the precinct falls into.

0 = white (no flippable races)
1 = light purple (1 flippable race)
2 = medium purple (2 flippable races)
3 = dark purple (3 flippable races)

This includes districts that are potentially flippable for either party (both Republican-held districts that can be flipped for Democrats and Democrat-held districts that must be protected from a Republican challenger). Because Republicans have packed as many Democrats as possible into as few districts as possible, there are currently no vulnerable Congressional or state Senate districts held by Democrats, but a handful of NC House districts are included.

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Please note that this map may take a moment to load.

Interactive Precinct Map

with Congressional Swing Districts (2 & 13) Outlined

Maybe you're here because the election of Donald Trump motivated you to get involved, and you want your actions to have an impact at the national level. That's why your focus is on flipping Congressional District 2 (George Holding) or 13 (Ted Budd).

If you haven't read it yet, we encourage you to take a few minutes to read NC House Representative Graig Meyer's article The Road to National Democratic Revival Goes Through North Carolina, which outlines why and how flipping seats in the North Carolina General Assembly has national implications.

Then check out the map below - or click through to the interactive version - to find out how you can target your efforts within Congressional Districts 2 and 13 to areas where you can double (or triple!) your impact by focusing on areas that overlap with flippable state seats.

Please note that the interactive version of this map may take a moment to load.