Text Banking

Updated 10.31.18

FLIP NC is organizing a statewide GOTV (Get Out the Vote) text banking campaign targeting left-leaning voters in flippable districts from the mountains to the coast.

Flippable district map.png

Who We’re Targeting

We’re targeting registered, left-leaning voters in 19 flippable districts across the state. These include 18 of the 20 Most Flippable NC House Districts (the first two districts on our list were redrawn to be easy pick ups for Dems and therefore will not need outside support to win) as well as one vulnerable Democrat-held district that needs our support.

How it works

We’re using Relay, a user-friendly system that allows volunteers to send hundreds of text messages at a time right from their computers. Volunteers will not need to use their personal phones or phone numbers.

Text Banking pic.jpg

Relay is a critical part of our plan to reach over 100,000 voters statewide, but it’s not free. Please donate here if you’d like to help support this effort! We are an all-volunteer organization; all donations go directly to supporting voter outreach.

We’ve completed our GOTV text banking campaign for early voting. If you’d like to participate in our GOTV text banking campaign for election day (beginning Saturday, Nov. 3rd), which will target everyone on our list who has not yet voted, please sign up here. We’ll be in touch with further instructions!

Please share this campaign with your friends! Volunteers can help FLIP NC no matter where they live!