And the FLIP NC Award Goes To…

Earlier this month, we held our seventh and final canvass of the year in Wake County, and it was our best one yet – the most canvassers and interactions with voters we’ve ever had. Clearly, we are getting the hang of this!

Since the year is wrapping up, we thought we’d take a minute to recognize some of our wonderful canvassers. Here they are … the 2017 FLIP NC Awards!

Jane Peppler wins our Individual Award. At our last canvass, she set new records for Most Doors Knocked (55), Most Voters Contacted (27), and Most Postcards Written (21). Thank you, Jane, for your dedication and spirit!

Our Group Award goes to Neighbors on Call, whose members are always incredibly enthusiastic and do everything possible to finish their walk sheets. In total, members of NoC knocked on over 700 doors at our canvasses in 2017!

A big thank you to everyone who has come out to canvass with us multiple times - that’s more than 40 of you! A special shout-out to the members of our 80 Doors Knocked Club: Mark Hellman, Denise Kassab, Katie McGovern, Jane Peppler, Andrew Ross, Marnie Ross and Perry Tsai for your commitment to the cause.

In all, over 200 canvassers knocked on over 2,100 doors and engaged nearly 700 voters in 2017. Thanks to you, we have laid the groundwork for a successful 2018. We got this!