FLIP’s Tips for Canvassers

Nervous about canvassing for the first time? Only natural! But when you sign up for a FLIP NC canvass (list of upcoming canvasses and links to RSVP here), we can pair you with someone who is experienced. And you will get the hang of it in no time. Plus, we offer training right before every canvass. Get a head start by reading through these tips. 

Ring the doorbell and then step WAY back.
Step off the porch — or at least onto the stairs — if possible. Folks are more likely to come out to talk with you if you aren’t right at their door.

The script should be a loose guide for your conversation.
You won’t have a meaningful conversation if you’re reading from it. Each component of a good canvassing script is designed to collect key data or provide key information to voters, but this is intended to feel conversational and authentic. Feel free to reorder and rephrase. Make it your own!

Feel free to create your own introduction.
One of our canvassers often adds, “We’re not selling anything or asking for money — just out here talking with people about what issues are important to you as a voter in North Carolina.”

Don’t start by asking whether folks have time to talk. Just launch right in!

Keep in mind that you might not get the person you’re expecting. Sometimes left-leaning young adults are registered at their right-leaning parents’ homes. Sometimes we’re looking for a progressive voter and his or her conservative spouse answers the door. Feel free to talk to whoever answers the door (these conversations can be fascinating!) — or to thank them for their time and move on at any point.

Likewise, if anything about a home makes you uncomfortable — a loose dog, a truck with a “Hillary for Prison” bumper sticker — just skip it and move on. Don’t worry, there are tens of thousands more doors to knock!