Making Dems More Vulnerable

We previously shared analysis showing that, of the sixteen most competitive NC House districts currently held by Republicans, eleven have been slanted more heavily for Republicans in the NC GOP’s proposed map, while only two were drawn more favorably for Democrats.

It gets worse. Republicans are trying to take advantage of the Court’s order to fix their illegal gerrymandering not only to make current Republican-held districts more secure but also to make as many Democratic incumbents as possible much more vulnerable. While seven of the most vulnerable Democrat-held districts were drawn much more favorably for Republicans, only three of the most competitive Democrat-held districts were drawn to be more secure for Democrats (and only marginally so when compared with the increased advantage for Republicans).

The Court should reject this brazen attempt by Republicans to take advantage of having broken the law in the first place. The NC GOP should not be given free rein to re-draw much of the legislative map - including many districts far from the affected areas – even further in their favor. These maps must be thrown out.