Meet a FLIPster: Ann Humphreys

Some members of our FLIP NC team have day jobs that require them to spend their days typing on a computer. Ann spends hers hula hooping. Yes, for 10 years, the Carrboro resident has been a professional hula hooper, traveling to teach adults how to dance with a hula hoop. Before that, she worked at the Center for Death Penalty Litigation as a mitigation investigator. She’s also a trained editor, and she writes poetry and sings for fun. Ann has a long history of political involvement. She canvassed during the 2000, 2004, and 2008 elections and participated in the Occupy and Moral Monday movements. Here, a Q&A with Ann.

What's surprised you most about canvassing? 

The most surprising thing to me is how purple these swing districts are! I guess I was expecting more resistance to our presence in the swing districts, but I personally haven't experienced any.     


How many times have you canvassed with FLIP NC? 

At least five times.

How are FLIP NC canvasses different? 

FLIP NC canvasses are very well organized and targeted. We need more! I like to go by myself to cover more ground and go at my own pace.

How did you find out about FLIP NC? 

It was one of the many groups organizing to get out the vote in 2018, which I view as the most important political work we can be doing right now.

Have a funny story or touching moment to share from your time canvassing with FLIP NC?

I called on an older couple in Apex. The husband came to the door, very suspicious at first. After we had talked for a couple of minutes, he started to relax a little. Then his wife (who I hadn't seen) suddenly shuffled up behind him and started screaming, "Trump is a piece of sh*t!"

What's your top canvassing tip? 

Don't be afraid that you’ll annoy people. It's surprising how willing most people are to talk and share a bit about their views. Just make eye contact right when they open the door and ask if they are aware of the upcoming midterm elections. It's an easy start. I always thank them in advance for voting, as well.

Let’s talk about what motivates you. Obviously, you want to FLIP NC, but tell us a bit about the "why."

Our government – particularly our state legislature – has been overtaken by a small group of privileged and wealthy people. This is wrong. We all need to be much more involved in politics and governance on every level. I want to see the North Carolina legislature reshaped to reflect the will of the majority of voters – which is us – in this great state.

How are you feeling about the 2018 election?

Cautiously, cautiously, cautiously optimistic.


Join Ann at a future FLIP NC canvass! Details here!