Fired Up? Ready to FLIP? Help Us Get Out the Vote!

How many of you wish you could jump in a time machine, return to late summer/early fall of 2016, and do a little more work to change the outcome of the election? You’d gladly knock some doors, make some calls, and interact with strangers to see Hillary Clinton in the White House today, wouldn’t you? Let’s not feel any regret on election night 2018!

Imagine how great it’s going to feel as Nov. 6th draws to a close if we manage to break the supermajority in the NCGA, take control of the House for the first time since 2010, defeat the constitutional amendments, and put Anita Earls on the Supreme Court! Help us get out the vote! Some of you may have dozens of hours to give, and others may struggle to find four spare hours over the next few months, but please do what you can to pitch in. We don’t need to change minds. We DO need to get Democrats and left-leaning independents to the polls in record numbers.

Here are some ways you can make a difference by helping to bring a blue wave to NC in 2018:


Canvassing is, by far, the most effective form of traditional voter outreach. We’ve been canvassing in flippable districts (NC-H36 and NC-H37) in southern Wake County every month for more than a year, and it works. Among our target voters, those we’ve canvassed so far were 2.25 times more likely to vote in the primaries this year than those we have not yet reached. If you do one thing between now and election day, make it canvassing!

Canvassing pic.JPG

August 26th Monthly Wake Canvass

Our last monthly Wake canvass and happy hour debrief will be Sunday, August 26th.  Sign up and help make it our biggest canvass yet! (In July, 80 of you canvassed. We are hoping to get to 100 this month! We will have a 1pm and a 2pm start time to accommodate the crowd.) We'll meet at Peak of the Vine in Apex for a brief training and return after canvassing to debrief over drinks. First-time canvassers welcome! We'll provide all the information you need and can also pair you with an experienced canvasser.

Fall Super Canvasses

Beginning in September, we’ll be canvassing every weekend until election day.

  • Every Saturday beginning Sept. 15th

  • Every Saturday & Sunday the last 3 weekends before the election

  • Start any time between 9:30am and 5:30pm; canvass for as long as you want!

  • Or if you want to be paired with another canvasser, arrive at 10:30am, 1pm, or 3:30pm.

  • Stay after for pizza or happy hour drinks!

Go to to sign up.

Candidates’ Campaigns

Sydney Batch (D)  Candidate for NC-H37

Sydney Batch (D)

Candidate for NC-H37

There are fantastic Democratic candidates running in flippable districts across the state, and they all need volunteers. If you’re outside the Triangle and want to help Democratic candidates in flippable districts near you, check out our 18 Most Flippable NC House Districts post to find the candidates in your area.

Or if you’re in the Triangle and would prefer to plug directly in with a candidate’s campaign, check out our post about the amazing candidates running in the most flippable districts in and around the Triangle area.

Text Banking

Text Banking pic.jpg

We’ll be text banking to GOTV during the early voting period, and we need volunteers to help us reach voters across all 18 of the most flippable districts statewide. If you only have time to do one thing, and you’re able to canvass, please canvass. But if you can do more, or if canvassing isn’t an option for you, please sign up to text bank.

FLIP NC’s text banking campaign during the primary increased turnout by 4% among our GOTV target group, which is enough to make the difference in some of these districts where the outcome will come down to a small number of votes! Sign up here.

Phone Banking

Obama Phone Banking pic.JPG

Phone banking is another great option if you can’t always volunteer outside of your home. And we have great new technology that allows you to dial a lot of people in a little bit of time right from your computer. The script is on the screen, so it’s easy and very efficient. Sign up here.

Letter Writing

Letter writing pic.jpg

Sending handwritten letters about the importance of voting is a great way to reach homes in hard-to-canvass parts of flippable districts. Primary turnout for Stamp NC Blue’s letter writing campaign increased from 9% in 2014 to 18% in 2018!

Make it fun and social! Organize a letter-writing party. We’ll provide a sample script and address lists. Sign up here.

Community Conversations

RVP pic.jpg

A lot of our work is about reaching out to strangers. This is about reaching out to your network. If you’re willing to talk with your friends and relatives about voting, this is for you. You might be surprised to learn that a lot of members of your circle – even the ones who regularly post on social media about politics – probably don’t vote in midterm elections. We can tell you who is voting regularly and who isn’t and how to make those conversations as productive as possible. Sign up here.