FLIP Made the News!

We are proud to be among the incredible grassroots groups doing the critical work of restoring democracy to our state. Check out this WRAL piece that went live last week! In related news, FLIP NC is now an Independent Expenditure Committee! So far, we have focused on voter education and elected official accountability. Now that we are in the electioneering communications window, FLIP NC has filed as an Independent Expenditure Committee so that we can engage in Independent Expenditures for and against candidates.

FLIP NC is one of dozens of progressive entities that have sprouted up since President Donald Trump’s election. ... These groups are growing in membership and influence. ... Many, if not most, of the groups are run by women.

From the start, we've been looking for volunteers' time, not their money. We need boots on the ground so we can talk with as many voters as possible before the critical 2018 elections. But some folks have asked if they can donate. So far, the answer has been no, but now that we've filed as an Independent Expenditure Committee, we will be able to take donations. Our expenses will remain minimal, but some additional financial support will allow us to maximize our impact. Stay tuned – donation link coming soon!