The 5 Most Flippable House Districts In and Around the Triangle: The Incumbents

Live in the Triangle? Want to see a more balanced NCGA? Want to restore the governor’s veto power? Here’s where you should be working as the November election approaches! We need volunteers to get out, educate fellow North Carolinians, and urge them to VOTE!

Read about the districts in our last post.


All you need to know about the Republican incumbents in these districts is that they vote with the far right more than 90% of the time.

That means:

  • When it comes to education, they voted to reduce transparency and accountability for charter schools. Fifty percent of charter school students can be either school employees’ kids or children of businesses that have donated money or resources up to $50k, prioritizing wealthy students over poor students. (HB 779, HB 800)

They also approved Education Savings Account funds. These hurt poor children by allowing parents who want to send their children to private school to receive a refund on education, moving money from public schools to private schools.

  • When it comes to guns, they voted to allow concealed carry without a background check or a permit. The sheriff’s department and local law enforcement are strongly against this bill. (HB 746)

  • When it comes to the state budget, they cut the Department of Justice by $10 million. This will desperately hurt the state’s ability to investigate crimes and defend NC in lawsuits.

  • When it comes to immigration, they voted to let undocumented immigrants work only in domestic and farm work. (HB 35)

  • When it comes to the environment, they approved a number of anti-environment bills. Several bills pollute NC rivers and streams so much that the NC Conservation Network has stated our state’s waters will be borderline unswimmable.