The 5 Most Flippable House Districts In and Around the Triangle: The Candidates

Live in the Triangle? Want to see a more balanced NCGA? Want to restore the governor’s veto power? Here’s where you should be working and who you should be working for as the November election approaches! We need volunteers to get out, educate fellow North Carolinians, and urge them to VOTE!

Read about the incumbents in our last post.



Terence Everitt, NC-H35 (Wake Forest)

Terence Everitt.png

Terence ran against the incumbent, Chris Malone, in 2016 and lost by fewer than 3,000 votes. He ran a solid campaign last time around and is running a great campaign now! A husband and father of two, he is an attorney who specializes in helping small businesses. He’s also a member of the board of directors for the Wake Forest Area Chamber of Commerce.

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Julie von Haefen, NC-H36 (Cary/Apex)

Julie von Haefen.png

The Democratic candidate in this district from 2016 was planning to run again. But then, she was drawn out of this district at the beginning of the year following a U.S. Supreme Court decision. Enter Julie. A former attorney and guardian ad litem, she’s best known for her work on education. She’s the mother of three children who attend Wake County public schools, and she’s the Wake County PTA president. We’ve been canvassing in this district for a year, and we’ve heard over and over that education is on the top of voters’ minds. Julie is such a strong candidate on this issue! (Here’s a calendar featuring our canvassing schedule. Hope to see you at the next one!)

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Sydney Batch, NC-H37 (Holly Springs)

Sydney Batch.png

Sydney is a family law attorney, social worker, and fierce advocate for children. A native North Carolinian (she’s an alumna of Chapel Hill High!), she runs a law practice with her husband. This mother of two is authentic and effective. She’ll be able to stand up to the status quo Republicans in Raleigh!

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Lisa Mathis, NC-H51 (Sanford area)

Lisa Mathis.png

Democrats almost didn’t have a candidate here, which is hard to believe considering how flippable this is! Thankfully, just before the deadline, Lisa threw her name into the hat. She’s a longtime Sanford resident, a mother of two, and a public schools advocate. We love that she’s a creative AND a small business owner. She opened ArtStudio in downtown Sanford in 2003. It’s worth noting that this district has a lot of Spanish speakers – so if you’re fluent in Spanish, this is where you can make a huge difference!

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Erica McAdoo, NC-H63 (Burlington/Efland)

Erica McAdoo.png

Here’s a fun fact about Erica: A lot of Democrats were interested in running for this seat. One by one, they met Erica and bowed out so that she wouldn’t have to pour resources into a primary. They saw that this mom and native North Carolinian is a superb candidate! She manages a local business, works as an educator, and is an advocate for foster children and for improving the foster system.

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BONUS CANDIDATE/DISTRICT: Sam Searcy, NC-S17 (Southern Wake)

Sam Searcy.png

This post is mainly about House Districts, but if you work in Wake County, Sam Searcy is running in Senate District 17, and his district overlaps quite a bit with NC-H36 and NC-H37. So you can double your impact in the NCGA by talking about Sam in addition to the House candidates.

When he got laid off about a decade ago, Sam went to work for Lowe’s Home Improvement before starting two small businesses. He’s also the first in his family to graduate from college. So he knows what it’s like to struggle, and he understands the importance of education. Sam was planning to run for U.S. House District 2. But when Linda Coleman emerged, Sam felt she was an excellent candidate for that seat and graciously backed out of that race.

NC-S17 represents the kind of place Democrats need to win in 2018 to flip 6 seats and break the supermajority in the NC Senate. The good news is that Roy Cooper and Josh Stein lost this district by only a hair, and it’s trending blue.

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