The 5 Most Flippable House Districts In and Around the Triangle: What You Can Do

Live in the Triangle? Want to see a more balanced NCGA? Want to restore the governor’s veto power? Here’s where you should be working and who you should be working for as the November election approaches! We need volunteers to get out, educate fellow North Carolinians, and urge them to VOTE!

Read about the candidates in our last post.


  • Canvass with FLIP NC! Canvassing – going door to door to engage with voters on issues they care about – works. We don’t need to change the minds of right wingers. We just need to get progressive voters (Dems and left-leaning independents) to the polls.

In the May primary, the Wake County voters we have canvassed so far voted at more than double the rate of those we haven’t reached yet.

A lot of evidence shows that you need to interact with a voter three times (at least) in order to be effective. So we need your help now. This can’t wait until October!

We run canvasses in Wake County once a month, typically on the fourth Sunday. Here’s the schedule, with links to RSVP to join us. First-time canvassers are welcome. We will train you, and we can pair you with someone who’s experienced. A bit apprehensive? This short video on canvassing might calm your nerves. And be sure to read about our canvassers’ experiences in Wake County by reading our Meet a FLIPsters blog series. Did we mention we always gather at the end of a canvass for a debriefing with drinks and pizza? So. Much. Fun!

  • Check out our Toolkit for Strategic Voter Engagement in NC. If you’re already in a group, and you’re ready to get started on voter outreach for the 2018 elections, download our comprehensive guide to strategic voter engagement. Identify your target district. Create a voter outreach plan. Organize your first canvass. Develop materials. Run a phone bank. Our guide contains everything you need to know to get started! And we're always here if you need additional support. Email us about anything from selecting a district to walk sheets and scripts, turf-cutting, VoteBuilder/VAN access, and educational materials. We are happy to help!

  • Lend your talents to these candidates! Maybe you’d be great at organizing volunteers, running events, or helping with communications. Reach out to the candidates directly through their websites, and let them know you want to volunteer!

  • Donate. Help us do more in these districts by donating to FLIP NC. We also encourage you to financially support these candidates. Their websites have more information.

  • Reach out to your friends. If you have friends living in these districts, talk to them about these Democratic candidates and the importance of their vote. Essentially, “canvass” to them! And encourage all of your friends to do some voter outreach between now and November. Change will only come to North Carolina if a lot of people do a little bit of work between now and Election Day! The blue wave is not guaranteed!

  • Become a FLIPster, and stay in the FLIP NC loop. Be sure to sign up for FLIP NC’s newsletter so you can learn about future volunteer opportunities. We don’t spam your inbox, but we do let you know about upcoming canvasses (ours and those that other organizations run) as well as phone banking and text banking opportunities. We’ll be doing more of all of it as the election approaches. And be sure to follow along with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!